The last restaurant I ever managed was in Austin, Texas. I was having the time of my life living, playing and working in downtown Austin. We were the rage of the city and I was proud to be associated with the hottest spot in town. Of course all good things don’t last forever and eventually the suits had their way and with a few changes, business was declining and I no longer believed in the taken approach. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and what you believe is right, it was my time to “PUSHBACK” so I said to my boss at the time, “thank you for everything, I’ve been a good solider for this company but it’s time for me to pursue another passion.”
I found my calling through wine and arrived in Napa July 4, 2004.
PUSHBACK Wines became a reality with the first vintage harvested in August 2007
and released July 4 weekend in 2008!